• Gaming Set Sharkoon SKILLER SGB30 RED Mechanical Keyboard Red Switch/Mouse 6400 DPI USB w/RGB

    Код: Gaming Set Sharkoon SKILLER SGB30

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Gaming Mouse

    Max. DPI/CPI: 6,400

    Sensor: Optical

    Chip: SPCP6651

    Illumination: RGB

    Max. Polling Rate: 1,000 Hz

    Lift-Off Distance: 2 mm

    Frames Per Second: 6,000

    Inches Per Second: 66

    Max. Acceleration: 22.5 g

    Weight Tuning System: 6x 4 g

    Mouse Feet: 4, PTFE

    Weight Without Cable: 106 g

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 132 x 69 x 42 mm

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10


    Button Properties

    Programmable Buttons: 12

    Durable Omron Switches in Left and Right Mouse Buttons

    4-Way Scroll Wheel

    Operating Life Cycles of Buttons: Min. 5 Million Clicks

    DPI Levels: 400; 1,200; 3,200; 6,400

    DPI Switch

    DPI Indicator: LED

    Connector: USB

    Textile Braided Cable

    Cable Length: 180 cm

    Gold-Plated USB Plug



    Gaming Keyboard

    Switch Technology: Mechanical (Huano Red)

    Illumination: RGB

    Adjustable Illumination

    Lighting Effect

    Max. Polling Rate: 1,000 Hz

    Gaming Mode

    Block: 3-Block Layout

    Onboard Memory for Game Profiles

    Capacity of Onboard Memory: 64 kB

    Weight incl. Cable: 867 g

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 440 x 144 x 35 mm

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows


    Key Properties

    Multimedia Keys

    Anti-Ghosting Keys

    N-Key Rollover Support

    Arrow Keys Functions are Interchangeable with the WASD Section

    Operating Force: 45 g

    Switch Properties: Linear

    Actuation Point: Undetectable

    Click Point: Undetectable

    Distance to Actuation Point: 2.0 ± 0.3 mm

    Operating Life Cycles of Keys: Min. 50 Million Keystrokes


    Cable and Connector

    Connector: USB

    Gold-Plated USB Plug

    Textile Braided Cable

    Cable Length: 180 cm

    Software Properties

    Gaming Software

    Individually Configurable Key Functions

    Number of Profiles:20


    Package Contents


    Additional Set of Mouse Feet

  • Mouse A4 R80 Plus Bloody Gaming Wireless Skull Activated

    Код: Mouse A4 R80 Plus Bloody Gaming Wireless Skull Activated

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    BC3332-S Gaming Engine

    Gaming mouse run flawlessly with BC3332-S sensor and avoids random clicks. Adjust CPI 100-5000 to provide precise cursor movements for gameplay.


    Power Saving

    Using intelligent power-saving technology and on/off switch, the wireless mouse can enjoy up to 60 hours of use time (default mode)


    Click Response Less 0.2 ms

    Without any traditional metal bouncing noise. Performs extreme 0.2ms light speed response with over 20 million clicks lifespan!



    Infrared-Wheel can turn millions of times in its lifespan, and be actuated with the exact same precision as a mouse button.


    Rechargeable Lithium Battery

    Built-in 500mAh rechargeable Li-battery, easy to charge with micro USB cable.


    Sensor: BC3332-S Gaming Engine

    Resolution: 100~5,000 CPI

    Frame Speed: Adjustable

    Acceleration: 25 g

    Tracking Speed: 150 ips


    Report Rate: 125~500 Hz

    Key Response: 0.2 ms


    Micro-Switch: Over 20 Million Clicks ( Left / Right Button )

    Wheel: Over 1 Million Scrolls
    Metal X'Glide Armor Boot: Over 300 Kms

  • Gaming Set Varr Squad 02 4IN1 Keyboard+Mouse+Headphones+Mouse Pad

    Код: Gaming Set Varr Squad 02 4IN1

    Гаранција: 6 месеци

    The gaming set is intended for the greatest enthusiasts of computer games. The highest-quality materials and structures ensure a comfortable game even for many hours. The keyboard and mouse guarantee reliable navigation, and the headphones affect efficient communication during games.



    Keyboard type: membrane, gaming

    Number of keys: 104

    Key layout: standard

    Number keys: yes

    Multimedia buttons: yes

    Outer cable length: 1.5 m

    Keyboard size: 434mm x 131mm x 32mm



    Mouse type: optical, two-handed

    Resolution: 800/1200/1600 DPI

    LED backlight: yes

    Service life: 3,000,000 clicks

    Number of buttons: 3

    Cable length: 1.5 m

    Mouse size: 117 mm x 60 mm x 37 mm

    Material: ABS plastic



    Pad size: 20 cm x 20 cm



    Connectivity: wired (braided cable)

    Types of plugs: mini jack microphone and audio, USB

    Cable length: 2.2 m

    Cable circumference: 5 mm

    Power: 45 mW

    Impedance: 32 ohms

    Sensitivity: 108 dB / mW

    Frequency response: 20-20kHz

    Diaphragm diameter: 40 mm
    LED backlight: yes

  • Mouse A4 V8M Gaming Bloody Multi Core

    Код: Mouse A4 V8M Gaming Bloody Multi Core

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Multi-Core Gaming Mouse GUN3, metal feet, non-activated



    Bloody - the first “Multi-Core Gun3” gaming mice.

    BLOODY Gun3 - The Multi-Core design has 6 breakthrough innovations with 3 shooting modes to ensure the Gamers to win their games easily.

    Bloody gaming mice are the world's most accurate shooting mice with auto recoil suppression and concentrated trajectory, which offers unprecedented high headshot rates.

    Supports both software and hardware dual trajectory adjustments.

    Edit your own macros with Oscar Macro Editing software



    Basic Parameters:

    Multi-core system

    Button No.: 7 keys + Wheel

    Direction of wheel: one way direction

    Tracking: HoleLESS HD engine

    Type: Wired

    Mouse connection: USB (2.0/3.0)

    Hardware system requirements: Windows

    Software system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

    Mouse size: 125 x 64 x 39 (mm)

    Cable length: 1.8 m

    Mouse weight: 155 g

    Technical Parameters:

    Resolution: 200 Dpi to 3,200Dpi (5 ranges adjustable)

    Image processing: 368 mega pixels / sec

    Acceleration: 30g

    Tracking speed: 75 inches / sec

    Report rate : 1,000 Hz(4 ranges adjustable)

    Key response time: 1ms
    160K onboard memory

  • Mouse A4 ES7 Bloody Gaming USB Esports Black

    Код: Mouse A4 ES7 Bloody Gaming USB Esports Black

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    6000 CPI 5-Level Adjustable

    Press the [+] / [ - ] buttons to switch resolution 1000/1200/1600/2000/6000 CPI. You can customize 5-level CPI between 100 - 6000 by software.


    RGB Lighting Effect

    16.8 Million RGB colors give you good gaming atmosphere and immersive gaming experience.


    Self-Customize M Buuton

    The M button can be Customized as combination function with software.


    Bloody Esports Software

    The software meeting the demands of gamers and enthusiasts around the globe.


    Key Response 1ms

    With ahead technology, it reacts at lightning speed with extreme 1ms click response and you are perfectly equipped with precision and comfort!



    Sensor: PixArt Optical Engine

    Resolution: 100~6,000 CPI

    Default Resolution: 1000/1200/1600/2000/6000 CPI

    Frame Speed: 6,000 fps

    Acceleration: 15 g

    Tracking Speed: 45 ips

    Report Rate: 125~1000 Hz

    Key Response: 1 ms

    Button Lifetime: Over 10 Million Clicks ( Left / Right Button )
    Wheel: Over 500,000 Scrolls

  • Mouse Fury Wireless Gaming Stalker 2000DPI

    Код: Mouse Fury Wireless Gaming Stalker 2000DPI

    Гаранција: 6 месеци

    Number of buttons: 6

    Sensor: optical

    Communication: wireless 2.4 ghz

    Range: 10 m

    Resolution: 1200 - 1600 - 2000 dpi

    Power supply: 2x AAA (included)

    Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, MAC, Linux, Android

    Other functions: plug & play

    Dimensions: 116x77x39 mm
    Weight: 90g

  • MS MS NEMESIS C900 gaming mouse

    Код: MS MS NEMESIS C900 gaming - 0001232487

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Оптички гејминг глушец
    Програмабилни копчиња
    USB конектор
    RGB осветлување
    Заменлив долен дел
    Црна боја

  • MS MSI NEMESIS C510 gaming mouse

    Код: MS MSI NEMESIS C510 gaming - 0001232463

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Гејминг оптички глушец
    Програмабилни копчиња
    USB конектор
    RGB осветлување
    Перфориран дизајн
    Црна боја

  • MS NEMESIS C500 GAMING keyboard

    Код: MS NEMESIS C500 GAMING - 0001208252

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Жичан гејминг глушец
    LED осветлување
    Резолуција: 8000DPI
    PIXART 3325
    USB конектор и плетен кабел
    Должина 1,5m
    Црна боја

  • MS ALPHA M310 wireless set keyboard and mouse

    Код: MS ALPHA M310 - 0001209197

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Безжичен сет глушец и тастатура
    US layout
    2.4 GHz
    Мембранска тастатура
    USB порт
    Опсег до 10m
    Безжичен глушец со резолуција 1600 DPI со 5 копчиња и скрол
    Црна боја


    Код: MS NEMESIS C335 GAMING - 0001209603

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Жичен гејмерски глушец
    Резолуција 800/1600/2400/4800DPI
    Програмабилни копчиња
    USB порта
    Плетен кабел од 1,7m
    RGB осветлување


    Код: MS NEMESIS C370 GAMING - 0001253219

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Сензор Instant725F
    DPI: 7200
    RGB осветлување
    Црна боја


    Код: MS MSI NEMESIS C320 GAMING - 0001208234

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Жичен гејминг глушец
    Резолуција: 800-1600-2400-3200-4800-6400dpi
    Чип Sunplus 199
    USB конектор
    Кабел со должина од 1,5 метри
    Црна боја
    RGB осветлување


    Код: MS MSI NEMESIS C350 GAMING - 0001208488

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Жичан гејминг глушец
    Резолуција: 800-1600-2400-3200 DPI
    USB конектор
    Плетен кабел: 1,5m
    Црна боја


    Код: MS MSI NEMESIS C100 GAMING - 0001194449

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    Должина на обложен кабел: 1,8m
    Резолуција 3200 dpi/cpi
    6 копчиња + скрол
    Црна боја


    Код: MS MSI NEMESIS C105 GAMING - 0001184741

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    3200 dpi/cpi
    Копчиња: 7+скрол
    Црна боја
    Должина на кабел: 1,5 m
    Прекинувач DPI

  • Безжичен глушец MS MSI FOCUS M111

    Код: MS MSI FOCUS M111 - 0001183869

    Гаранција: 12 месеци

    1600 dpi
    6 копчиња + scroll

  • Сет тастатура и глушец MSI MASTER C300

    Код: MSI MASTER C300 - 0001218359

    Технологија: Жичана

    Копчиња: 4 + scroll

    Резолуција: 1200dpi

    Конектор: USB

    Должина на кабел: 1.5m

    Копчиња: Мембрански
    Дополнителни копчиња: 14 мултимедијални

  • Гејмерски сет тастатура + глувче + слушалки + пад Fury Thunderstreak 3.0 4IN1
    Код за нарачка: Fury Thunderstreak 3.0 4IN1
    Sensor: OPTICAL [4000DPI]
    Resolution range: 800 - 4000 DPI
    Number of buttons: 6
    Backlight: YES [MULTICOLORED]
    Cable length: 180CM
    Dimensions: 126 × 63 × 40 MM
    Number of keys: 104
    Key mechanism: MEMBRANE
    Profile: HIGH
    Backlight: YES [MULTICOLORED]
    Anti-Ghosthing: YES
    Multimedia keys: YES[12]
    Cable length: 180CM
    Dimensions: 450×170×27 MM
    Speaker dynamics: 105db
    Frequency response: 20-20000HZ
    Connectore: 2 X 3.5MM MINI-JACK
    Microphone: YES
    Microphone sensitivity: -56DB
    Cable lenght: 180CM
    Surface material: FABRIC
    Substrate material: RUBBER
    Profile: LOW
    Surface type: SPEED
    Dimensions: 320 X 240MM
  • Безжично глувче Click M-L2W ML2WG
    Код за нарачка: Click M-L2W ML2WG
    1600 DPI Optic
    6 копчиња
    Ергономски дизајн